Cornwall in November

Cornish Storm.It’s been a strange sort of day down here in Cornwall. We woke up to high winds and rain. Not surprising for the 1st of November. Autumn can arrive with a vengeance in this part of the world. West of us there are thousands of square miles of Atlantic. It often amuses me to see holiday makers looking in the estate agents on a halcyon day in summer and imagining how lovely it would be to live here. It is, of course. But it can rain from the beginning of October until late March. When we first arrived here we had a plethora of summer visitors. All welcome, I have to say and all bringing their love and hampers of food. It’s always good to see those pinched faces arriving after hours on the motor-ways and returning refreshed after a week of Cornwall. Anyway, by lunchtime the rain and the wind had died away and it was just warm enough to drive the short distance to Malpas and sit outside for a couple of drinks. A weak but gently warm sunlight fell on the estuary below us illuminating small boats now secured for the winter.


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