Rough love.

“F*cking two-faced tw*t!”

Those were the words on the computer screen. They arrived as a response to a short video clip posted on Facebook.

Was the clip a fake?  It might have been. It looked real enough, trailed with the message that it was “a tough watch.”

Its contents appeared to have been shot on a mobile phone. A group of young people were “tombstoning,” jumping from a high parapet into the sea below. The first jumper makes it safely into the water and on the poorly recorded soundtrack one can hear screams and shouts of encouragement.

Another jumper, a young man, wearing baggy swimming shorts steps on the parapet and looks down into the water below him. As the camera phone follows his gaze down, one can see a stone jetty just above the water level and sticking out into the sea. Suddenly, the boy dives towards the water. What happens next happens quickly. Instead of entering the water cleanly, he hits the edge of the concrete jetty and then somersaults into the water with the force of the impact.In the background we hear screams of horror. As we look down we can see the boy floating face-down in the sea, a stream of scarlet blood pouring out into the ocean. Almost immediately a small rescue boat arrives and we see its occupants start to pull the boys inert body on board.

The clip then cuts to an emergency room in a hospital. The image quality is poor, also shot on a mobile phone. The boy is lying on his back, surrounded by hospital staff. A doctor cradles the boy’s head in latex gloved hands. The impact on the concrete jetty has broken open the boy’s jaw right in the centre of his face. As the doctor moves his hands in and out we can see the boys face opening and closing. He is unconscious. It is an appalling sight.

The clip produces a swift flurry of comments on Facebook, mostly of a shocked nature then, with an electronic “ping”,a further message arrives.

“F*cking two-faced tw*t!”

How, I think, can anyone respond to the clip with those words?

I suggest to the original poster that it would, perhaps, be better to remove the clip and the last comment from the site. Within a minute a response arrives on-screen,not from the original poster but from the author of the last comment.

I’m invited to, “lighten up” and informed that the poster has a son of his own and that he would respond to him in a similar situation with the same words:

“F*cking two-faced tw*t!”

Rough love.


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